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Provider Transformation 2.0 Manual

This “Provider Transformation 2.0” manual resulted from valuable feedback ODEP received from over 150 providers who participatedin the initial “Provider Transformation Webinar Series” in 2017, and the “Provider Transformation 2.0 Webinar Series” that followed in 2018. Across the nation, many providers have moved past the beginning stages of transformation. Providers who are alreadyon the road to transformation still seek more advanced knowledge and strategies to help them tackle issues they encounter along the way. These agencies include agencies well down the path to transformation, those recently engaged in the effort, and also thosewho launched an earlier effort that may have stalled along the way. This Provider Transformation 2.0 Manual will support those providers who are in the midst of transformation with modules that offer an in depth look at specific areas of organizational changethat are central to transformation. The modules in the 2.0 Manual include:

Module 1: Redesigning Your Organization: Structure, Processes and People
(Authors: Karen Lee, M.Ed. CESP and Thomas Wilds, M.A.)

Module 2: Staff Development, Recruitment, Restructuring
(Authors: Gail Fanjoy, M.A. and Dale Verstegen, M.B.A.)

Module 3: Staff Training Specifics
(Authors: Gail Fanjoy, M.A. and Genni Sasnett, M.A.)

Module 4: Effective Stakeholder Engagement
(Authors: Pat Rogan, Ph.D. and Sean Roy, M.S.)

Module 5: The Importance of Effective Advocacy for Better Policy: Collaboration, Coalitions, Communities of Practice, and Capacity Building at the Local Level
(Authors: Karen Lee, M.Ed., CESP and Rachel Pollock, J.D.)

Module 6: Financial Planning for Transformative Change
(Authors: Rachel Pollock, J.D. and Genni Sasnett, M.A.)