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National Disability Institute’s (NDI) Center for Disability-Inclusive Community Development (CDICD)

May 2023 | The Community Reinvestment Act

Center for Disability-Inclusive Community Development

NDI’s CDICD works to improve the financial health and well-being of LMI individuals with disabilities and their families by increasing awareness and usage of the opportunities and resources available under the CRA.

This webpage contains webinars, podcasts, and tools that promote CRA opportunities.

Five target audiences: The CDICD website has a wide range of materials to support:

  • Financial Institutions,
  • LMI Persons with Disabilities,
  • Community-Based Organizations Serving LMI Persons with Disabilities and Their Families,
  • Community-Based Organizations Serving LMI Populations Generally, and
  • Financial Institution Regulators.

Inclusive Community Development Awards: The CDICD webpage also includes Inclusive Community Development Awards to spotlight those doing particularly well in this space and to inspire others.