Virginia DARS Financial Capability Webinar Series

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The Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services (VA DARS) created a webinar training series on addressing a major barrier to work- lack of financial resources. This webinar series, facilitated by the LEAD Center, will equip current VA DARS staff, including Work Incentives Specialist Advocates (WISA’s) and other DARS staff and vendors with the education and resources necessary to build the financial capability of customers and maximize their potential for long-term employment success. 

Throughout the webinar series, participants will learn how to:

  • Better understand the financial lives of the customers they serve and the impact on their employment goals and job search,
  • Shift a focus from employment as the goal to employment as a stepping-stone to economic self-sufficiency, and
  • Connect customers to financial opportunities so they can capitalize on the economic self-sufficiency that can come from employment.

In addition, participants will learn about the new services VA DARS is providing through the WISA network to support financial capability and employment goals of customers including:

  • Student Earned Income Exclusion,
  • Individual Development Accounts (IDA’s),
  • ABLE Now, and
  • Financial Health Assessment.

To access the webinar trainings, select the webinar below to view the webinar archive. You will also be able to access additional resources for each webinar from each link.

Part 1: Financial Capability: The Missing Piece to the Employment Puzzle

Part 2: Resource Mapping: A Strategy to Enhance Collaboration and Referrals

Part 3: Financial Health Assessment for Counseling and Guidance