Employment First Resource

Provider Transformation Webinar Series 1.0

A critical priority for the U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP), is to invest in systems change efforts that result in increased competitive integrated employment opportunities for individuals with significant disabilities. This priority reflects growing support for a national movement called Employment First, a framework for systems change that is centered on the premise that all citizens, including those individuals with the most significant disabilities, are capable of full participation in competitive integrated employment and community life. Under this approach, publicly-financed systems are urged to align policies, regulatory guidance, and reimbursement structures to commit to competitive integrated employment as the priority option with respect to the use of publicly-financed day and employment services for youth and adults with significant disabilities. Many states have formally committed to the Employment First framework through official executive proclamation or formal legislative action. Now, interest is gaining with community rehabilitation providers (CRPs).

ODEP recognizes that many CRPs desire to align their organizational policies in support of an Employment First approach but may not yet possess the knowledge, skills, abilities and/or resources necessary to lead and facilitate such change. To address this need, ODEP has initiated the Employment First State Leadership Mentoring Program (EFSLMP) Provider Transformation Webinar Series, six (6) ninety-minute webinars led by national subject matter experts. Through our contractor, EconSys, EFSLMP is providing the impetus for selected CRPs to pursue systems change to fully implement the Employment First approach as the primary service delivery system for people with the most significant disabilities.