Employment Success Stories

The Investing in America Agenda (IIA) has brought $2 trillion in federal investments and created access to good jobs in infrastructure, clean energy, and advanced manufacturing for all of America’s workers, including those with disabilities. There are eight Good Jobs Principles, ranging from recruitment to career advancement. These Principles fit well with two important pillars of disability employment that benefit everyone: competitive integrated employment and universal design. When employees with disabilities and other barriers to employment receive the right supports, they, along with their employers, thrive. The following success stories show the Good Jobs Principles in action.

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Larry Phillips, a black man who uses a wheelchair, working with welding tools while at work

Larry Phillips

After his VR counselor helped him partner with a local welding school, Larry Phillips was able to secure a job as a welder and become financially self-sufficient. Now, he no longer relies on public benefits.


Keshawn Thomas, a Black man wearing glasses, applying paint to a wooden board while on the job

Brad Hopke & Keshawn Thomas

In fall 2021, a diverse group gathered in Collinsville, Illinois to discuss an idea: to build a program that would place high school seniors with disabilities in Registered Apprenticeships.


A blue and white semi truck driving down a hill-lined road

Sara Stewart

Former U.S. Army mechanic Sara Stewart came to Nebraska Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) in a unique way. After more than six years in the Army, she injured her back and received a medical discharge.


William Lumpkin, wearing a hard hat, while working on a construction site

William Lumpkin

William is a person with a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and has prior justice system involvement. The Building Paths Program taught William to use customized strategies to learn soft and hard skills.


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Good Jobs Initiative Resources

The Investing in America (IAA) agenda is bringing $2 trillion dollars in federal investments to create good jobs in infrastructure, clean energy, and advanced manufacturing.

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Led by the U.S. Department of Labor, the Good Jobs Initiative (GJI) is focused on improving job quality and creating access to good jobs for all working people, including people with disabilities.

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Good jobs are the foundation of an equitable economy that lifts up workers and families and makes
businesses more competitive globally.

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The Good Jobs Initiative, led by the Department of Labor, is focused on providing critical information to workers, employers, and government as they work to improve job quality and create access to good jobs free from discrimination and harassment for all working people.

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