• How do WIOA Youth staff collaborate with VR and other disability partners to help ensure inclusion of youth with disabilities in work-based learning opportunities?
  • How do WIOA Youth staff work with training providers and employers to create opportunities to hire qualified youth with disabilities?
  • What soft skills approaches and training programs are available to support youth, including youth with disabilities (e.g., Skills to Pay the Bills)?

Actions (to take individually or as a team)

  • Explore if/how your state/local workforce system and WIOA partners incorporate the Guideposts for Success elements listed above into their programs and Individual Employment Plans (IEPs)/Individualized Plans for Employment (IPEs).
  • Learn how AJCs and WIOA youth programs use individual transition plans to drive continuing education and post-secondary education for youth with disabilities.
  • Research critical resources that influence career choices for youth with disabilities, including work incentive/benefits counseling, disability-related work supports, accommodation requirements, and assistive technology needs.