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Guide to Presenting Money Smart for Adults

December 2017 | Tool/Manual

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) recently updated its Guide to Presenting Money Smart for Adults to include more information on supporting participants with disabilities in instructor-led classes. The guide is available for download. Versions of the new guide in large print, Braille and Spanish will be available at a later date.

The Money Smart modules provide participants with the knowledge and resources they need to:

  1.     Use the services and products of financial institutions (banks and credit unions) effectively.

  2.     Create and implement a spending plan.

  3.     Distinguish between “wants” and “needs.”

  4.     Use credit and borrow money responsibly.

  5.     Protect their financial rights and safeguard their money.

  6.     Determine their readiness to buy a home.

  7.     Recover from financial setbacks and rebuild their credit.

The target audience for Money Smart includes individuals with low- to moderate- income, people with disabilities, individuals who are establishing their financial lives and credit histories, and others who would like to improve their financial situation.