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Transition Quickguide: Take Charge of Planning and Managing Your Own Health and Career Goals

U.S. Department of Labor | Youth Transition Collaborative, Got Transition/Center for Health Care Transition Improvement, and the U.S. Department of Labor's office of Disability Employment Policy
July 2015 | Report/Brief

Because the ability to manage one’s health and wellness is critical to going to school, learning, and transitioning into employment, planning your health and career goals goes hand in hand. The first step to making your career dream a reality is taking care of your health. This checklist provides information and resources about health insurance coverage, self-care, health care transition, decision-making, and career planning and management. 

This information is for youth and young adults, including those with disabilities and chronic health conditions, from ages 12-30. With support from families, health care providers, workforce professionals, and others, young people can gain self-care and decision-making skills to take charge of planning and managing their own health and career goals.