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Job Analysis: A Strategy for Assessing and Utilizing the Culture of Work Places to Support Persons with Disabilities

Marc Gold & Associates | Michael Callahan and Melinda Mast
January 2004 | Report/Brief

Job analysis in supported employment is an activity designed to assist employment facilitators to a) recognize the natural ways, means and people used by employers to typically perform and teach jobs; b) organize the information to be performed by the supported employee; and, c) develop a plan for balancing the natural features of support in the job site with the needs of the employee by using the Seven Phase Sequence.
This activity primarily occurs after the employer has given approval for the job to proceed but before the supported employee begins to work. However, it is important for the job developer to reference the features of job analysis during negotiations with the employer and for the employment facilitator to continue to refine the job analysis after the job has begun.