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FAQs: Using Customized Employment’s Discovery and Group Discovery Models to Promote Job Seeker Success in American Job Centers

LEAD Center
LEAD Center | May 2015 | Report/Brief

If you haven’t heard of Customized Employment or you think it has little relevance to helping today’s job seekers in the nation’s American Job Centers (AJC), think again. Customized Employment offers an approach consistent with the most innovative and cutting edge human resource practices; its signature strategy, Discovery, offers an approach for job seekers with barriers to employment that is consistent with some of the most widely accepted strategies for successful career development. Customized Employment and Discovery are not necessarily appropriate or desirable for all AJC job seekers with disabilities or other complex barriers to employment, but the strategies provide “non-traditional” options and choices – both for job seekers and AJC staff. If you want to know more about how American Job Centers can effectively implement Customized Employment and Discovery, take a moment to read this FAQ and learn more.