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Webinar: Statewide Cross-System Training on WIOA Section 188: Broadening Access for People with Disabilities and Other Barriers to Employment

June 28, 2020

A number of strategies help workforce professionals better serve people who experience barriers to employment, including disability. On Thursday, May 21, the LEAD Center was joined by representatives from Virginia’s Equal Opportunity Office, WIOA Adult & Dislocated Worker Programs and Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services, to discuss such strategies in the context of WIOA’s Section 188, which promotes equal opportunity and non-discrimination for people receiving services through the workforce system and its partners. Panelists shared approaches for effectively engaging workforce staff and partners across all four WIOA titles (workforce, adult education, vocational rehabilitation, social services [TANF/SNAP]) to implement equal opportunity practices. For example, all Virginia partners attend and participate in equal opportunity training and use it to strengthen cross-agency partnerships to collaboratively serve diverse job seekers, including job seekers with disabilities (e.g., co-enrollments and shared employment outcomes).

Presentation Slides

Webinar Transcript