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Webinar: Equal Opportunity and Accessibility for WIOA Partners during COVID-19 and Beyond

June 29, 2020

During COVID-19, many American Job Centers and core workforce system partners have shifted to virtual services. COVID-19 has highlighted new accommodation needs for people with disabilities and the workforce staff who support them. State responses to these needs have varied. In order to offer support and provide examples of promising practices for workforce professionals in WIOA systems, the LEAD Center hosted a webinar that provided information, strategies, and resources around Section 188’s equal opportunity and non-discrimination practices. On Thursday, June 18, the LEAD Center was joined by the Missouri State Equal Opportunity Officer and Senior Manager of Policy and Partnerships, who used current COVID-19-related and general frontline scenarios, to share effective accommodation practices and examples of equal opportunity policy implementation.

Please visit the Job Accommodation Network’s COVID-19 site for additional accommodation and compliance resources:

Presentation Slides

Webinar Transcript