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The Top 10 Reasons for Visiting the DRIVE Website

June 29, 2020
  1. WIOA Disability-Related Reporting: DRIVE is the only website where you can retrieve WIOA Reporting data related to people with disabilities in your state, county, or Employment & Training Administration (ETA) region.
  2. National Disability & Employment Data: There is no other single website where you can get up-to-date national disability and employment data from the U.S. Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Social Security Administration (SSA), SSA’s Ticket Tracker, State Data: National Report on Employment Services and Outcomes, Department of Labor Wage and Hour, and more.
  3. State-level Disability & Employment Data: Click on State Profiles to access your state or territory and find up-to-date state-level data in the areas of vocational rehabilitation, mental health, workforce development, and more.
  4. State-level WIOA Profiles: Click on the WIOA Profile for your state to find key sections from your WIOA State Plan and State Plan Modification pertaining to youth and adults with disabilities.
  5. State-level Policies & Initiatives: Click Policies and Initiatives in your State Profile to find Executive Orders, Policies, Legislation, information about Systems Change initiatives, Partnership Agreements, and more that support employment outcomes for people with disabilities.
  6. Provider Transformation: DRIVE has up-to-date Provider Transformation Resources, sorted into categories like Leadership, Strategic Planning, Making it Happen, Funding, Data, and more.
  7. State Comparison Tool: Use the State Comparison Tool to compare your state to another state in areas like State Data, information in your WIOA State Plan Profile, and state vocational rehabilitation rates and services (to be updated Summer 2020).
  8. Veteran Resources: Explore resources on the homepage that promote employment for Veterans with disabilities.
  9. Most Integrated Employment Setting Self-Assessment and HCBS Employment Services Analysis: The Most Integrated Employment Setting State Self-Assessment assists states in meeting their obligations under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the HCBS Settings Rule to ensure people with disabilities in publicly funded employment services are served in the most integrated setting possible.
  10. Subscription Tool: You can Subscribe to Updates to be notified when there are new and updated DRIVE resources and data to match your interests and preferences.

Visit the DRIVE website for Data and Resources to Inspire a Vision of Employment.