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Special Commission Finds Medicaid Expansion Would Benefit New Hampshire’s Economy

May 29, 2015

New Hampshire has convened a special commission to study the potential consequences of expanding the state’s Medicaid budget. Preliminary evidence indicates that expansion would benefit around 58,000 low-income residents7 . New Hampshire’s Department of Health and Human Services has provided data showing that the influx of federal funding, combined with existing revenues, would ultimately allow the state to see a net gain in revenue from expansion by 2021. Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), states may choose to expand Medicaid eligibility to residents within 133 percent of federal poverty guidelines, which often benefits those who are employed, but not earning sufficient wages to obtain coverage on their own. Many people with disabilities face disability-related health care costs that lower wages cannot cover, and rely on specialized health care services that may not be obtainable without Medicaid funding support. Read more about Medicaid expansion in New Hampshire or the report, An Evaluation of the Impact of Medicaid Expansion in New Hampshire.