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Share Your CE Success Story

December 21, 2014

Originally envisioned as a multi-strategy approach to match the discrete skills and unique contributions of a job seeker with a significant disability to an employer who has an unmet (and often unrealized) need for those skills and contributions, Customized Employment (CE) has come a long way since ODEP’s first demonstration project in 2001. Highlighted and defined in the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), CE strategies, including its signature strategy of Discovery, have been used by individuals, families, service providers, American Job Centers (AJCs) and other partners to promote a strength-based approach to employment for job seekers with barriers to employment. 

The LEAD Center is currently seeking stories of employment success so that job seekers, families, service providers, AJCs and AJC partners can learn from those who have applied CE’s strategies and achieved positive outcomes. While additional information will be forthcoming regarding the requirements for success story submission, some level of interaction with the AJC will be a required component. If you are interested in submitting a CE Success Story, or would like more information about submission requirements as they become available, please email