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Senator Schumer Promotes Disability Integration Act Initiative, a Bill that Requires Providers to Deliver All Support Services (Including Employment Services) in the Community

April 29, 2016

Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY), other members of Congress, and disability rights advocates have recently made a more concerted effort to promote Senate Bill S. 2427, known as the Disability Integration Act (DIA). Senator Charles Schumer announced his initiative to promote the bill in late March 2016. The DIA is designed to address the fact that people with disabilities who receive long-term support services (LTSS), often cannot receive, find or fund services in the community. This leads to the unnecessary segregation and exclusion of these individuals. It may be impossible for people with disabilities to pursue or sustain competitive integrated employment and supported employment in the community if they cannot get the support services they need in activities of daily living, such as personal care or personal assistant services, in a community-based setting. 

The DIA would require that every individual eligible for LTSS have the ability, if they choose, to receive those services in the community. It would prohibit policies that (a) prevent people for qualifying for LTSS on the basis of age or the age that they acquired a disability, (b) require a person to receive LTSS in a disability-specific or congregate setting, and (c)  have rules that arbitrarily limit access to community-based LTSS. 

Senator Schumer said of his bill that “we have to do everything in our power to make sure that those with disabilities have the resources needed to live and thrive in …… their own communities.” For more information on the bill and the initiative, read the WAMC Northeast Public Radio article, or visit the ADAPT website.