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New York Bill Proposes Expansion of Home Health Workforce

April 30, 2015

The New York Governor’s Medicaid Redesign Team has proposed a new bill to permit home health aides to perform certain tasks that they are currently prohibited from providing, such as administering medications. The proposal creates a new designation of Advanced Home Health Aide that allows nurses to delegate additional tasks to these aides. This change will enable people with disabilities to have greater consistency in their care in the community; relieve some of the responsibility of family members who serve as secondary caregivers; and create greater flexibility and professionalism in longterm home health care. This is an important issue because home health aides often provide necessary supports that keep people with disabilities living in non-institutional settings where they can access meaningful, integrated employment. Disability rights advocates throughout New York, including ADAPT and the New York Centers for Independent Living, have voiced support for the proposed bill, as it would promote increased choice and community integration for people with disabilities in accordance with the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) Community First Choice option intended to keep people with disabilities in their communities.

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