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New Hampshire Self-Advocates and Long-Term Support Agencies Sue to Prevent Managed Care of Medicaid-Funded Supports

August 30, 2016

Fifteen New Hampshire individuals with disabilities who rely on long-term community-based services and supports (LTSS), including supported employment, and 10 agencies that provide LTSS, have sued to stop New Hampshire’s plan to move Medicaid-funded LTSS into managed care. The plaintiffs argue that the move to managed care would violate a 1981 federal court order requiring the state to establish a system of independent non-profit agencies to provide community-based care for people with developmental disabilities. Plaintiffs and advocates are concerned that a move to managed care for LTSS would interfere with consumers’ right to choose care providers and may result in loss of access to services, including supported employment services. The transition to managed care for LTSS could begin sometime in 2014. The full text of the complaint is available online. Further coverage is available via the Nashua Telegraph.