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NDI Unveils ABLE Resource Center and Update on ABLE Implementation

February 27, 2015

National Disability Institute (NDI) announced a new Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Resource Center to consolidate information, resources and advocacy materials on state implementation of the ABLE Act. The ABLE Act enables individuals with disabilities and their families to open tax-free savings accounts that create opportunities and ease financial challenges faced by individuals with disabilities and their families. ABLE accounts can cover qualified expenses such as education, housing, medical/dental care, community-based supports, assistive technology, job training and transportation. The bill creates accounts that can supplement benefits and services provided through private insurance, Medicaid, Social Security benefits, earnings and other programs.

Under the ABLE Act, each state must pass its own legislation in order for its residents to take advantage of these accounts. Each state must decide how they will manage ABLE accounts, which state agencies will be responsible for monitoring and oversight, and how they will disseminate information to consumers and other stakeholders. Over the last month, more than 17 states have introduced enabling legislation for the ABLE Act.

NDI’s ABLE Resource Center is a partnership of 16 national disability organizations. The Center plans to coordinate outreach to stakeholders, provide public comments on state legislative proposals and work with the Treasury Department and IRS on upcoming ABLE Act Federal regulations.

To learn more about the ABLE Resource Center, visit the NDI website.