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LEAD People – The SETA Team

September 26, 2018

Michelle O'Camb and Jennifer FischerMichelle O’Camb serves as a Workforce Development Manager for the Sacramento Employment and Training Agency (SETA), alongside colleague Jennifer Fischer, Workforce Development Analyst Supervisor. Together, O’Camb and Fischer oversee a number of programs including the formula-funded Refugee Supportive Services (RSS) Grant, the English Language Learner (ELL) Navigator Pilot Program, the Disability Employment Initiative (DEI) and Disability Employment Accelerator (DEA) grants, and the Ticket to Work Program. O’Camb, who has been with SETA for more than 32 years, also oversees the Contracts, Monitoring, and Performance units. Her broad responsibilities as a Workforce Manager uniquely positioned her to impact positive systems change and increased physical and programmatic access in job centers for people with disabilities throughout Sacramento County.  

The number and variety of programs in O’Camb’s and Fischer’s purview has also afforded SETA some very unique collaboration opportunities between programs and partners. Some of their proudest accomplishments include the creation and implementation of a staff and partnership-development training curriculum on Integrated Resource Teams (IRTs), and the implementation of the IRT strategy throughout the job center system. Some of the most interesting and impactful IRTs have been those that have brought in case managers from the ELL Navigator Pilot, DEA, and supported employment partners to help place refugees with developmental and other disabilities in jobs. Outcomes for each unique client are improved by combining the resources from multiple programs and partners, with the most important of those resources being the staff knowledge and expertise of programs, services, and target populations. For example, the acculturation expertise of ELL navigators, the workplace accommodation and disability resources expertise of DEA Disability Services Navigators, and funding for On-the-Job Training (OJT) from the DEA program come together to provide a unique menu of services based on a customer’s unique needs and circumstances.