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LEAD PARTNERS Montana Independent Living Project

September 30, 2015

Montana Independent Living Project (MILP) is a not-for-profit agency providing services that promote independence for people with disabilities living in southwestern Montana. MILP supports the development and expansion of community-based services that directly facilitate independence, productivity and quality of life for people with disabilities. The organization provides information and referral, independent living skills training, individual, group and peer advocacy. MILP is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors consisting of at least 51 percent of people with disabilities.

MILP staff consists primarily of people with disabilities or who have experience with disabilities. The organization also provides timely information to people with disabilities, their families and the general public through the use of its staff’s expertise and access to the Internet and other information resources. MILP services include information and referral, independent living skills training, individual and group advocacy, peer advocacy, Medicaid’s Self-Directed Personal Assistance Services Program (SDPAS), Orientation & Mobility (O&M) skill instruction and Social Security benefits counseling for those who want to return to work.

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