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LEAD Center Financial Capability Online Training Continues to Impact the Field

March 20, 2020

The LEAD Center’s Financial Capability Training series is part of a strategic effort by VA DARS to equip current staff, including Work Incentives Specialist Advocates (WISA's) and other DARS staff and vendors, with the education and resources necessary to provide DARS-funded services that build the financial capability of customers and maximize their potential for long-term employment success.

“Talking about behaviors involving money is a taboo and uncomfortable subject laden with potential implicit bias,” shared David Leon, Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services (VA DARS) Deputy Director of Workforce Programs. “[We use the LEAD Center’s Financial Capability Online Trainings] to increase the confidence and understanding of how conversations about money may increase the therapeutic alliance between customers and staff. We want our providers and counselors to understand they are no different than customers regarding financial behavior, approaches to money, forming habits, and creating new behaviors. This [training] supports both the counselor and the customer in building the financial skills they need to use their financial goals as a motivator for increased work and earnings and to handle financial challenges that may otherwise disrupt work.”

VA DARS requires any WISA who wants to bill for DARS-funded financial services to take the three-part series as one component of multi-modal training to understand poverty as a form of cultural competency.

This series is open to anyone who wants to better understand the impact of money on employment goals, resources to manage financial stress, and opportunities to use work as a stepping stone to economic self-sufficiency. To access the webinar training archive along with additional resources for each webinar, select the webinar link below: