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LEAD Center Brief on Ways to Expand Opportunities for Competitive Integrated Employment in Your Community

September 26, 2018

LEAD Center released the brief, Five Ways You Can Help Expand Opportunities for Competitive Integrated Employment in Your Community, authored by Alison Barkoff from the Center for Public Representation. This brief can be shared with others who are interested in advancing employment for youth and adults with disabilities. It highlights recent federal and state policies that advance opportunities for Competitive Integrated Employment (CIE), such as the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Settings Rule, and state Employment First policies. These policies provide important opportunities for people with disabilities, their families, providers, and other stakeholders to work together in their states and local communities to expand CIE. The brief also provides suggested action steps, as well as links to useful resources.

The brief contains five sections: (1) WIOA implementation in your state, (2) implementation of the HCBS Settings Rule in your state, (3) improving the transition of students with disabilities to employment, (4) state policies to increase CIE and make Employment First a reality, and (5) keeping up-to-date on federal legislation and regulations influencing CIE. Each section ends with ideas for actions and activities in which you can become involved. These suggestions are followed by a list of resources for that section, including promising practices, important data from your state, and links to national organizations working to improve employment outcomes for people with disabilities.