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California Agrees to Transform Employment Services for People with Disabilities - Many Paid Through Medicaid

February 27, 2015

Three California agencies and the state protection and advocacy system have announced a new collaboration on a six-month blueprint to encourage competitive integrated employment for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The blueprint will contain a directive to all state agencies, employers and partners that competitive integrated employment is preferred. The blueprint will also call for the development of measurable goals and benchmarks for planning, services and coordination between departments working to support employment outcomes; delineation of state and agency responsibilities; development of specific recommendations for policy and regulatory change; and creation of a dispute resolution process among departments. Many employment-related support services provided through this collaboration are funded through Medicaid, including both employment-specific supports and necessary health supports that enable people to work.

Additionally, the blueprint will include annual requirements for informing people with disabilities and their families about opportunities and available supports for competitive integrated employment. The blueprint will be written by the California Department of Rehabilitation (DOR), Department of Developmental Services (DDS), Department of Education (CDE) and Disability Rights California (DRC).

Read more about the blueprint at Disability Rights California’s website.