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Best Practices in Employee Retention and Return-to-Work: An In-Depth Look Inside an Exemplary American Corporation

December 21, 2014

Successful companies work to maintain the productivity and health of their workforce, which includes providing accommodations for older workers and people with disabilities.

ODEP and the LEAD Center studied best practices at a large, successful U.S. corporation to learn about and document effective retention and return-to-work policies and practices. The report highlights best practices and strategies gleaned from the corporation at the individual, workplace and systems levels that benefit both employers and employees. The report also describes replicable practices and offers suggestions that can be adopted by employers to support and retain their workforce, as well as practices that enable employees to gain employment and/or safely return to work quickly after experiencing illness, injury or disability.

The corporation described in the report has been extremely thoughtful about how best to ensure it retains its workforce, creating effective and coordinated structures that shape and guide:

  • How it communicates its corporate culture;
  • The value it places on its workforce, treating employees like valued customers;
  • Its desire that service providers and vendors work with employees in an integrated collaborative manner and, in fact, making it a requirement;
  • Communication with employees who experience disability, injury or illness so that they receive needed support in a timely manner and know the extent to which they are valued; and
  • The training and support received by their supervisors and managers so that employees hear consistent positive messages and receive timely support, especially if they are not able to be at work for a period of time or cannot perform all of the essential functions of their job.

This in-depth look inside the corporation provides insight and recommendations that can benefit large and small employers, and offers people with disabilities and older workers ideas about what to look for from a current or prospective employer.

Download "Best Practices in Employee Retention and Return-to-Work: An In-Depth Look Inside an Exemplary American Corporation."