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October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month

October 1, 2014

This month, numerous organizations, agencies and individuals all across the country are joining together to celebrate National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM). First observed in 1945, NDEAM is a national campaign that raises awareness about disability employment issues and recognizes the significant achievements and contributions of American workers with disabilities.   

Currently, there are more than 54 million people with disabilities ‐ the largest minority in our country ‐ many of whom are ready and willing to work. Unfortunately, however, scores of individuals with disabilities find it difficult to locate and/or retain employment for a variety of reasons.

That is why, during the entire month of October, LEAD Center will leverage its position as a thought leader, working at the intersection of disability and employment, to highlight invaluable resources, tools and content relevant to NDEAM of a benefit to a wide swath of audiences, including persons with disabilities, their family and friends as well as disability service providers.

Since its creation, with the support and funding from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP), the LEAD Center has remained resolute in advancing sustainable individual and systems level change to improve competitive, integrated employment and economic self-sufficiency for all people across the spectrum of disability. Likewise, LEAD continues to bring together a range of organizations, thought leaders and best-practice innovators to expand policy, employment leadership and economic advancement opportunities and outcomes for all people with disabilities.

To learn more about the LEAD Center and how we can work together to advance innovative employment outcomes and greater financial stability for Americans with disabilities - download a two-page overview of the LEAD Center.

During October’s National Disability Employment Awareness Month, please be sure to check LEAD’s Facebook, Twitter (@LEADCtr), blog and website often. Additionally, you may find it helpful to check out ODEP’s National Disability Employment Awareness Month webpage. Finally, to join in the conversation online, use and search for the hashtag: #NDEAM.