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In the Know: Opening the Doors of Small Business to Employees with Disabilities - Critical Concerns, and Strategies to Success

In the Know is a bi-monthly feature on the LEAD Center blog that will highlight important resources and information about the employment, policy and economic advancement of people with disabilities. To find even more useful resources, visit the LEAD Center Resource Center

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Small businesses are the backbone of our nation's economy. In fact, in the United States, small businesses account for over 50 percent of all newly created jobs. While small businesses can provide excellent opportunities for millions of Americans, including people with disabilities; many entrepreneurs/small business owners, unforunately, are hesitant to recruit and hire workers with disabilities.  

The purpose of this report is to assist small businesses "open the doors" and provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities. By closely examining the available research, the Employer Assistance and Resource Network's (EARN) report identifies critical concerns small businesses hold, analyzes those concerns and provides strategies and resources on how best to address them. 


Opening the Doors of Small Business to Employees with Disabilities: Critical Concerns and Strategies for Success. 

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