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In The Know:

By LEAD Center on July 5, 2016

Beyond simply thanking our veterans for their service, it is our duty to actively help them succeed as members of society. Seeking to meet this need, the Department of Labor's Veterans' Employment and Training Service created

In The Know: "Work Early, Work Often"

By LEAD Center on June 16, 2016

The sooner that we can provide young adults with exposure to the working world, the better. This is particularly true for young adults with disabilities.

In The Know: A Fair Shot for Workers with Disabilities

By LEAD Center on May 27, 2016

What are possible courses of action that policymakers can take to give workers with disabilities a fair shot at employment and economic security? Find out in this 'In The Know' blog.

Working with a Mental Illness: Is It Possible for You?

By Jayme Pendergraft on May 19, 2016

Do you have a mental illness? Are you interested in working? Are you already working but need some help on the job? There are a lot of resources available to help you.

In The Know: Do Ask, Do Tell

By LEAD Center on April 29, 2016

How can companies encourage employees with disabilities to self-identify? And why is this important?

Oh Captains, My Captains: An Ode to Financial Capability Role Models

By Elizabeth Jennings on April 13, 2016

The financial lessons we learn from role models, such as our parents, as a kid can have a huge impact on us.

Show Support for Adults on the Autism Spectrum by Promoting Fair Wages

By Autistic Self Advocacy Network on April 12, 2016

For many, one of the most important parts of the transition to adulthood is finding meaningful employment. However, people on the autism spectrum still face immense barriers to finding good jobs in their communities.

In The Know: The Impact of Employment on the Health Status and Health Care Costs of Working-age People with Disabilities

By LEAD Center on April 4, 2016

In the Know is a bi-monthly feature on the LEAD Center blog that highlights important resources and information about the employment, policy and economic advancement of people with disabilities.

In The Know: Workplace Accommodations – Low Cost, High Impact

By LEAD Center on March 8, 2016

Employers are often concerned with the costs of providing workplace accommodations. However, a study by the Job Accommodation Network (JAN) found that such accommodations are low cost and have a big impact.

In The Know: I'm In To Hire

By LEAD Center on February 19, 2016

I’m In To Hire is an initiative founded by Best Buddies International that aims to create a more inclusive workplace by promoting the business benefits of hiring those with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).