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Brittany Taylor

Project Coordinator

Brittany Taylor is the Program Coordinator for the National Disability Institute-led LEAD Center. In her capacity as Program Coordinator, she assists with establishing the LEAD Center to implement system change to advance employment outcomes and economic self-sufficiency for individuals with disabilities. Taylor serves a key program management role in developing and implementing tracking and reporting systems for day-to-day tasks and facilitating communication and timelines for federal grant activities. In addition, she provides professional, communication and technical assistance to LEAD Center staff, contractors and additional outreach partners.

Taylor has extensive experience in non-profit program management and coordinating nationally led efforts for systems change in the areas of employment, education and training, and workforce development at the national level. She previously worked as a Legislative Aide for the U.S. House of Representatives. She holds two Bachelor's of Arts degrees in History and International Political Economy from the University of Wisconsin - Madison and resides in Washington, D.C.